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Marathon Equipment Company is known throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of on-site waste compaction and recycling systems. Through innovative products, industry expertise, and superior service, Marathon is the partner of choice for businesses and municipalities who need to quickly and efficiently process solid waste and recyclables.

Marathon Equipment Company is organized into three business segments aligned with the evolving needs of customers in the global solid waste and recycling industry.

The Compaction Solutions group offer durable high-quality compactors, compactions containers, and transfer systems for solid waste handling applications.

The Recycling Solutions group offers creative solutions for today's recycling, solid waste, and material handling challenges. Our equipment is designed for a wide variety of recycling and scrap processing operations and includes precision-built auto-tie, two-ram, and manual-tie horizontal and vertical balers, conveyors, and complete MRF systems.

The Renewable Energy Solutions group is working with Zero Waste Energy of Lafayette, California to address the needs of the globally expanding waste-to-energy market. Together we are helping customers implement environmentally friendly anaerobic digestion technology to convert organic waste into usable energy sources such as electricity and compressed natural gas (CNG).