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Sani-Tech markets Auger Compactors models ranging from a small 3 HP "space saver" compactor up to a 40 HP industrial monster. The unique design of the Auger Compactor has made it the waste industries state-of-the-art compactor. They have proven themselves to run more efficiently and be more cost effective than conventional hydraulic compactors.

Sani-Tech also offers a wide variety of options (chutes, hoods, bins and tow carts) to provide for easy loading of trash, to reduce labor and to accomodate space restrictions. They also specialize in custom options and modifications that can provide a solution to fit virtually any application.

Some of the advantages of Auger Compactors over Ram style Hydraulic Compactors
1) Better Compaction
2) All Electric Rotary Drive
3) Faster
4) Sanitary
5) Efficient Operation
6) Full Container
7) Less Maintenance
8) Increased Safety