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Mariotti USA
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V.MARIOTTI S.r.l. is the premier manufacturer of compact, electric three wheel forklifts. Mariotti USA has been marketing trucks in NORTH AMERICA for more than 10 years. Our success in this market can be attributed to our commitment, but primarily to the Master Distributors and the dealer network they have worked so hard to assemble. Our North American dealer network is of the highest caliber providing customer service and support second to none.

Products Lines Include:

MYCROS AC Range - These Mariotti three-wheel forklifts feature enhanced, state-of-the-art engineering and are the “most compact” electric riders on the market today. Capacities from 750 to 2,300 lbs with such options as: rear, front or all wheel drive; electronic speed control (CSC); cushion or super-elastic tires.

ME AC Range - The ME AC line of compact, three-wheel electric riders incorporate technology, quality and simplicity into a cost effective forklift. Capacities from 1,500 to 2,100 lbs equipped with cushion tires, rear wheel drive and AC traction.